Sweep in front of your door and the whole city will be clean. Arab proverb

I add: …even a bit in front of the neighbor’s door!

Actions lacking reason! I retain to define in this way all those behaviors that are born from instinctive thoughts and inducted by cultural models to which we belong and which have molded us. Behaviors that lack the presence of critical behavior and are not put into discussion for their contents.

Going back to Leonardo Da Vinci: “Those who fall in love with practice without science are like a sailor who enters a ship without a helm or compass and who can never be certain whither he is going. Practice must always be founded on sound theory.” …those who act without knowledge (…I permit myself to add “and without thought”, without objecting to one of the greatest geniuses of all of humanity) do not know where they are going, and do not know what they will bump into! It is like a sleepwalker that moves meaninglessly in the twists and turns of the complexities of the world. It is like a flag that waves according to the direction of the wind, but does not understand its reason why. It is like the sheep that follow the pastor first and after the herd, without knowing neither their direction or their objective. It is like all of those people who follow their thoughts without identifying their origin, and even more so, criticize those who think differently from them. …this should be enough!

Action driven by meaning is a whole other thing. It is born out of a critical thought which in its own way has been fed by knowledge (information in our possession) and not by simple opinions (formed following stereotypes). An action driven by meaning can therefore only follow this kind of path:

1. the collection of data,
2. the transformation of data into information,
3. making an idea for yourself after the critical elaboration of said data,
4. take decisions after making an idea,
5. acting after having taken decisions.

Anyone who operates in contexts of strategic relevance such as educational, cultural, professional, sanitary, economical, and political, in my opinion has the responsibility to understand what he is doing and what will be the result or their actions. …obviously, keeping on the horizon a respect for all living beings, altruism and the tutelage of the world that hosts us. That way maybe the possibility that something can get better will be higher.

This is my model of life!

You have no reason to complain if you do nothing to change things!