Who am I

I am simply one who fights, day after day, to make sure
the my own intellectual honesty does not cave in to my personal judgment.

Gianfranco Ardenti

Gianfranco Ardenti

It is always very difficult to speak about oneself! …just a few things that I consider useful to understand my professional and above all cultural profile. The rest you will discover in time.

I got my degree in Political Science as a Sociology major and after my degree, I did 2 years of post-graduate work to prepare myself for the working world in a company environment.

Once I finished my post-graduate work, I found a job in a company where I stayed for 7 years. This experience however led me to understand that that was not my world…. In reality, it led me to understand much more and that is to say that I suffer from a rare syndrome, difficult to understand and impossible to cure: the noose around my neck syndrome.

So in 1999, at the age of 36, I became a freelance, specializing in an niche activity, or at least it was at the time, which is that of International Marketing. In this subject matter I am both a professor and a consultant, … and on this subject I elaborated my own personal approach!

My work, but most of all my passion for knowledge, brought me in time to study and examine in depth diverse thematic areas, transversal to my specialization, such as Economy, Geopolitics, History, Psychology, Philosophy. …let’s say I never stopped studying!

Now however, what I am most proud of and that which gives me my maximum satisfaction is doing research in an autonomous and independent way, only for the joy of discovering new things and being able to share them with people that haven’t had my luck. The areas in which I conduct my research are Political, Social, Economical and Historical, but the history not written in books, obviously!

Recently I have started to write a book, it is called “Mercato Illustre Sconosciuto”. My intent is that to combine Economy, Marketing and Socio-Systematic Theory to elaborate a new approach to market theory. …but I will let you know about this!

One of my mottos is: the instrument that we need to use to combat injustices is that of permitting people to understand!

The rest, …you will discover it reading the rest of the site.

Speaking of which, I forgot: I love youths, …in that they are the only ones that give me the hope that a better future can exist.

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